Experience Design

In 2010 GridX became a strategic partner within Studio Hartong (Design/Creation) using Marketing and Technology to improve Email, Screen and Mobile content with state of the art Web solutions. Bringing Print to Web and vice versa the possibilities are endless. Then in 2015, thanks to reorganisations, the backend shifts to the frontend. GridX mixes design with technology and marketing, introducing Experience Design.

Experience design begins with understanding the strategic role of experience and how to use it to design products, services and customer interactions accordingly. The purpose is to deliver products, services, and experiences that deliver the value that the brand represents, as a way of giving the brand meaning.

The key is to understand that engaging customer in experiences they find value in. Engagement comes from meeting expectations, which means being relevant, which means providing value. An engaged customer is worth more than a loyal customer. 
Loyalty is an emotional state, whereas engagement is actual behavior resulting in customer loyalty. Engagement is measured by the sum of activities that build positive connections between a company and its customers, which result in greater involvement that positively impacts value.